A performance-oriented, reflective tire that’s fit for your race bike.

Why choose safety over performance when you can have both?

Our home of Portland, Oregon is known for two things: People who are serious about bikes, and rain. If you ride here, you log countless miles in low-visibility conditions. We looked at other reflective tires, but none of them offered the performance and supple road feel we wanted. The LIT 360 Ultra-Reflective was designed as the ultimate training and performance commuter tire with the added security and visibility of 9mm-wide, ultra-reflective 3M Scotchlite™ sidewalls. No other tire comes close.

Visible Performance

We designed the LIT 360 Ultra-Reflective to combine the ride characteristics of the ultimate performance training tire with the safety and security of a blazing, 3M ScotchLite™ reflective sidewall. At 9mm-wide, these eye-popping reflective accents provide twice the reflectivity of any other tire, making the LIT 360UR visible from any yaw angle.

Ride Wide

We used to think that skinnier tires meant faster tires. Not any more. Studies show wider tires have lower rolling resistance. Say what? Not only that, but the larger contact patch means better traction in all conditions. Wider tires also allow you to run lower pressures without the risk of pinch flats, giving you greater comfort and control, even when things get lumpy. Measuring 26mm on most road rims, the LIT 360UR lets you experience the benefits of riding wide, even on your race bike.

Train or Shine

Work, life, and weather all conspire to complicate even the most well-intentioned plans to get out and ride. You have to take saddle time when you can get it. If that means starting before dawn, or ending well after dark, so be it. But when you’re redlining, trying to pound out one last interval, the last thing you want to worry about is whether that SUV at the next intersection can see you.

Working on our night moves.

Visible Performance: The Anatomy of the LIT 360 Ultra-Reflective

In partnership with a premier European tire manufacturer, we designed the LIT 360 Ultra-Reflective (360UR) to combine the ride characteristics of the ultimate performance training tire with the safety and security of the tallest, 3M ScotchLite reflective sidewall currently available. We started with a 127 TPI, 2-ply casing to provide unparalleled road feel without sacrificing durability. Our fast-rolling, grippy tread compound is formulated with activated silica to provide exceptional cornering and longevity, even when things get nasty. A stout anti-puncture protection belt helps repel flats, so you can spend more time riding and less time fumbling for tire levers. To keep rotational mass to a minimum, the 360UR also uses a lightweight aramid bead. Wrap all this tech with 9mm reflective sidewalls, and you have a performance tire with 360 degrees of visibility. So keep working on your night moves, the 360UR has your back.


  • 700C x 28 mm (ISO 28-622)
  • 127 TPI 2-ply poly casing
  • Aramid bead
  • Anti-puncture protection belt
  • 9mm 3M ScotchLite reflective sidewalls
  • Long-wearing rubber compound with activated silica for superior traction
  • Maximum inflation 100 psi / 6.8 bar
  • Weight: 250g

The real work starts after you clock out.

Shine on, you crazy diamond.

Until now, you had to make a choice between visibility and performance. If you wanted to be seen, you had to compromise on performance. If you wanted the supple ride quality and superior handling of a race tire, you were running dark. Those days are over.





Walk on the wide side.

Traction, speed, and control in a width that fits your go-fast bike.

We used to think that when it came to tires, skinnier meant faster.  Recent research aimed at quantifying and comparing the rolling resistance of different tires revealed a surprising conclusion: Wider tires actually exhibit lower rolling resistance than narrow tires. Most rolling resistance is caused by friction due to casing deformation.  Skinnier tires have more deformation as a percentage of their cross section, resulting in greater loss in forward momentum. Wider tires have less proportional casing deformation, meaning more of the power you put the pedals goes to moving you forward.

Not only that, but the larger contact patch created by a wider tire means more rubber to the road, which translates into better traction in both wet and dry conditions. Wider tires also allow you to run lower pressures without the risk of pinch flatting. This means greater comfort, less transmission of road shock, and improved control. But don’t take our word for it. Even the professional peloton has started taking a walk on the wide side. Whereas 23mm rubber used to be de rigueur, it’s not uncommon to see Pro Tour teams rolling on 25s, and in some cases even 28s, especially in the Spring Classics.

The 360 Ultra-Reflective was designed as a 700C x 28mm tire. That said, we found that when we mounted on them on conventional road rims and put our calipers to them, they actually measure a skosh over 26mm.  What this means is the LIT 360UR will fit even the raciest of frames, while still giving you all the benefit of wider tires. And if you throw them on your commuter bike or touring rig, you’ll still have plenty of room for full-coverage fenders.






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